Tempered VS Annealed in Dubai

tempered vs annealed glass

Tempered Glass

Harder and stronger than annealed glass. When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into small pieces. So we can say tempered glass is the safety glass. Tempered glass is annealed glass that has been heat treated to harden and strengthen it. Also, this glass has more cost than annealed glass because of the heat treatment processing.

So the tempered glass/ toughened glass is four times stronger than annealed glass. Tempered glass cannot be drilled or cut without shattering. All fabrication needs to be done while the glass is in the softer, annealed condition. Tempering is only done once the shaping and fabrication is complete. Annealed and tempered glass also differ regarding safety. Not only does the strength of tempered glass surpass annealed glass products, but the breakage patterns are safer, as well. Tempered VS Annealed

Annealed Glass

Standard glass, is a softer glass that has been thermally treated and then slowly cooled to relive any internal stress. Annealed glass tends to break into large piece which can cause significant injury. It is generally used when strength or safety are not concerns, but cost is. It is typically used for items that don’t require optimal strength or where safety is a concern.

Most of the glass work is done with tempered glass because it is safer. Shower enclosures (Sliding & Swing), office glass partitions, windows, counter-top, table tops, pool glass fence, and glass doors and there are many other places where tempered glass should be used in terms of safety. Tempered VS Annealed; So when we compare annealed glass and tempered glass is compared, obviously tempered glass has more quality and benefits.

We use tempered glass for office glass partition and in shower area as sliding shower enclosure, swing shower enclosure, shower screen etc. This is because even if it breaks it will only break into small pieces and there will be no danger.

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