Toughened Table Top

Toughened or tempered glass table top in Dubai are used for various purposing. Interior decoration to preserving an Antique wooden Table. It has different colors but two are most using in Dubai, One is clear tempered glass and the second is ultra clear tempered glass. We also called ultra clear or diamond color glass for the table top.

We having various thicknesses such as 6MM tempered glass, 8MM tempered glass, 10MM tempered glass & 12MM tempered glass, and so on. This thickness is selected based on few factors such as the dimension of the table itself and the purpose of why a table top is actually required. Table top glass can be either edge polished or be with beveled edges. Despite the type of edge, these toughened glass is made sure that they are undergone special quality checks to give assurance that they are safe for bare hand touch.

On the aspect of table top glass for interior design, the glass will simply reflect the home’s interior design which will result in by adding more beautify the already existing interior design. Whereas for a small room, an illusion of a larger room can be created with the same criteria of reflectiveness and for rooms with a single window, table tops will do a great job on brightening up the space by simply reflecting the natural sunlight within.

Glass Table Top

  • Office Table Top
  • Coffee Table Top
  • Dining Table Top
  • Computer Table Top
  • Side Table Top
  • Garden Table Top
  • Study Table Top

The most preferred reason for glass table top is to protect what’s within. That is most of the time, a very expensive and the designer table is what clients opt to go with. At such instance, a glass tabletop will do a great role. Protect the exquisite design and preserve it from any dust or food spills. Another instance is when the table is a part of the antique collection and could be worth thousands.

We at IST Works LLC, can provide Glass Table Tops of any customized size to meet our client’s requirements.