Why shower curtain not used anymore!

shower glass partition

In the old time, the people were using shower curtain instead of shower glass. But now the shower curtain, especially with clothe is no more in trend. It has many disadvantages that makes not to use.

Mainly, the maintenance is very hard. You have remove the curtain for washing. The clothe trap bacteria also.

The shower curtain must be removed and washed. The shower liner must be replaced periodically as they tend to collect soap scum, mildew and sometimes mold. Shower curtains, especially cloth curtains, are also more likely to trap bacteria.

The other problem it gives is shower curtain with clothe will be wet most of the time. After taking shower, clothe also get wet and it makes a smell sometime. Now, where the most favorable and useful shower glass is there, no need to use shower curtain with clothe. Using the glass shower screen or enclosure gives many benefits. It never get wet and also easier to clean. You can just apply soapy water or glass cleaner and then wipe it out. But when we compare curtains with shower glass, curtains are very difficult to maintain.

Although a shower screen is a little more costly choice, it will long last more than shower curtains and look unbelievably classier. A shower screen is much more impressive at keeping water within the area it’s supposed to.

Today’s shower screens and enclosures with glass are much more beneficial as it gives many advantages. The bathroom interior beauty goes higher, maintenance lesser and in any way we can consider shower glasses are far way better that shower curtains.

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