What is Tempered or toughened Glass

tempered glass

Glass is one of the most important things that we use in our daily life without knowing. There are various types of glass usage that we can’t live without. Glass is a non-crystalline, often transparent, amorphous solid that has widespread practical, technological, and decorative use. Without glass, the world would be unrecognizable. It’s in the eyeglasses on your face, the light bulbs in your room, and the windows that let you see outside. When talking about tempered glass, it is the most secure and safe way to use it.

Tempered Glass:

It also known as toughened glass—is a strengthened material used while compared to annealed glass, it isn’t strong enough. The created by heat processing glass, making it up to four times stronger. We can say Tempered glass is considered a safety glass. It is difficult to break and even in the event of a breakage, disintegrates into small relatively harmless globules. This is possible because during the annealing process the glass is cooled down slowly, which makes the glass much stronger.

With the concern of safety, is used in various things. Shower enclosures, Glass partitions, Table top glass, staircase glass, window installation and many other. In the mentioned glass works, the tempered glass is used because it helps to go with safety. Even when it breaks, it breaks into small pieces when annealed glass breaks into larger pieces which cause danger. We use for all the shower enclosures, for sliding glass door, swing glass door, office glass partition, shower screen installation, etc. Annealed glass is also available if the customer wants it. As mentioned, if you are focusing on the safety side, we always recommend our customers to choose tempered glass. It is also more durable than normal glass (annealed glass). So if you are in confusion with choosing annealed glass or tempered glass, we can say it would be better.

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