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Why shower curtain not used anymore!

shower glass partition

In the old time, the people were using shower curtain instead of shower glass. But now the shower curtain, especially with clothe is no more in trend. It has many disadvantages that makes not to use. Mainly, the maintenance is very hard. You have remove the curtain for washing. The clothe trap bacteria also. The […]

How to choose a suitable shower glass to your bathroom

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While choosing a suitable shower enclosure, there are certain things to be noted. Otherwise, you will have to regret later. For example, the size of the bathroom is the most important thing. If you have a large bathroom, you can choose may be any type you wish. But still, if it’s wrong choice the beauty […]

Sliding shower enclosure and swing shower enclosure

sliding shower enclosures

One of the main type of shower enclosures widely used and accepted by people is sliding shower. This both options are very good for any bathroom to make the classy look. Sliding shower enclosure: Sliding shower enclosure type, as its name suggests, we have to slide sideways to open the door.  This design is providing […]

Why you should get shower enclosure in your Bathroom

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If you are trying to give your bathroom a new look there are some things to concern. Of all the things you might know about interior works, choosing best design of shower enclosure is the hardest. Shower enclosure can entirely change your bathroom look and it will give the best classy look. Very popular in […]

Shower Enclosures installation in Dubai with Affordable Price

Wall to Wall Swing Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosures If you are trying to make your bathroom interior more beautiful, the best way is to get customized shower enclosure. Let it be swing / sliding shower enclosure both will give an amazing look. As comparing with both swing shower enclosure and sliding shower enclosure, both have its own uniqueness. Swing shower enclosure: […]

Points to be noted When planning to have Shower Glass

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Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? A new glass shower enclosure/shower screen will be the best option to make your bathroom more beautiful and elegant. Even though you might be having a lot of doubts and confusion to fix which type. If you are planning to have a shower enclosure, here are some points […]

Why you should have Shower Screen in your bathroom

shower glass screen in dubai

Bathroom Screen The most common and less expensive type of shower glass partition that gives your bathroom a classy look. If you are considering having a shower screen for your bathroom, here are some reasons that you can go forward: Style: If your bathroom doesn’t look good, you have plenty of options to make it […]

Need to Know about Glass Shower Enclosures

Wall to Wall Shower Enclosure 304

Glass Shower Enclosures Exhausted from your old restroom and wish to give it another look? All things considered, introducing glass shower walled in areas would be an intriguing method to give your restroom. Therefore, another exquisite look without redesigning the entire space. Accessible in tastefully satisfying structures, glass shower enclosure fenced-in areas have gotten exceptionally. […]