Staircase Glass

If you are looking forward to making your apartment or villa look much more elegant than it actually is, the best solution is to consider the installation of a frameless staircase glass railing in Dubai. The glass can either be laminated or tempered / toughened clear glass. Diamond (ultra clear or crystal) glass can also be used as per our client requirement. Most of the clients prefer clear tempered glass due to its transparency.

Therefore, laminated glass can make the staircase glass a little translucent or foggy. And its more safety than tempered glass. Installing a Staircase glass will increase the beauty your properties interior design along with its future property value.

The most preferred type of staircase glass is frameless or framed. The framed option is when a client needs a space between the glass and the staircase. And the glass is running on top of a metal piece called as the Studs. Where as in the frameless option, the glass is totally concealed within the staircase on a grouting for a specific thickness to give it a strong base.

Pros of Staircase Glass Installation in Dubai


A home is an investment we make to get a long term benefit. Even if we do a small interior décor on it, we double check to make sure it would last for a long term. In terms of staircase glass tempered railings, it will last much longer than any other staircase railings, as it does not get rust or rot with time.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning:

While comparing to any other staircase railing, glass is much easier to maintain or clean as they do not get any web stuck between them or dust getting accumulated on top of it.


Staircase glass usually Tempered / Toughened glass and laminated glass. The glass that is used here is much thicker than the normal standard glass that are used for any other glass works. These are made sure that they are undergone through special machine polish on each sides to make sure they are safe for human touch.

In addition, wonderful warm oak flight of stairs with non-slip frameless glass balustrade. Glass handrails and newel post covers out. Frameless glass requires a thicker profile to make up for the strength. Which would some way or another be given by the wood posts and rails. The 15mm glass is of huge extra weight in contrast with the standard 10mm glass utilized and is fixed.