Glass Door installation is easy or hard!

glass door installation

According to the Office Glass Partition work, the glass doors occupy great role in the entire work for the completion. There are swing glass door and sliding glass door which is used mainly for office glass partition. Comparatively, swing glass doors are more accepted type than sliding office glass door option. Swing glass option: In […]

Where you can find Affordable Glass Partition!

affordable glass partition in dubai

When you are planning to do a glass partition for your office, the first thing you consider will be the price. You will have to check with many companies to get the better price. Each company may provide you different prices. But you have to make sure the quality is also good. At IST Works […]

Why shower curtain not used anymore!

shower glass partition

In the old time, the people were using shower curtain instead of shower glass. But now the shower curtain, especially with clothe is no more in trend. It has many disadvantages that makes not to use. Mainly, the maintenance is very hard. You have remove the curtain for washing. The clothe trap bacteria also. The […]

Clear glass panels & frosted sticker panels- which option is good?

frosted sticker on glass door

In an office, the privacy is an important thing to get noticed. If the office is full visible, which means the whole office and the glass partition is having clear glass partition. The privacy will be also less. As the clear glass cannot cover the view, you can install frosted sticker which doesn’t affect the […]

Office Glass Partition in Dubai

glass partition in dubai

In Dubai, almost every offices are having glass partition because it the ideal way of creating the best company interior and atmosphere. When your office staffs are increasing and you need much more spaces. And rooms as each of their position. It might be difficult to make solution. But by having glass partition, which is […]

How to choose a suitable shower glass to your bathroom

shower glass dubai

While choosing a suitable shower enclosure, there are certain things to be noted. Otherwise, you will have to regret later. For example, the size of the bathroom is the most important thing. If you have a large bathroom, you can choose may be any type you wish. But still, if it’s wrong choice the beauty […]

Sliding shower enclosure and swing shower enclosure

sliding shower enclosures

One of the main type of shower enclosures widely used and accepted by people is sliding shower. This both options are very good for any bathroom to make the classy look. Sliding shower enclosure: Sliding shower enclosure type, as its name suggests, we have to slide sideways to open the door.  This design is providing […]