CCTV Cameras are what we can best rely on in situations like “who did what, and when?” To resolve this kind of issue and much more. The perfect solution is to opt for CCTV Camera Surveillance. Which will give you all the proof required to make a just decision. This doesn’t mean that CCTV Cameras in Dubai are only installed to catch these kinds of acts. And they are also installed within the residential buildings by parents and pet lovers. Who would like to have an eye on their loved ones even in their absence?

Dome D link Camera

Even though you may have dozens of security guards working at your building or workplace. And it will not be enough for each of them to have an eye on the smallest things happening around. But with CCTV Camera Surveillances, even the smallest of moves can be identified and acknowledged.


CCTV Camera Surveillance is not just for Huge Malls and banks where thievery is possible. In addition, they are also useful at workplaces, homes, and Villas to monitor and prevent any suspicious activities. For example, any claims made by a person without any proof are not believed upon and cannot be taken into legal consideration.

Here at IST, we provide CCTV cameras with various choices as listed. The below-listed Cameras can be installed to match each specific feature, such as only footage recording without sound. Both footage along with surrounding sounds. Night vision cameras can monitor any activities happening at night time. Bullet cameras to cover larger views CCTV Camera

  • Dome Camera
  • Bullet Cameras
  • C-mount Cameras
  • Night Vision Bullet Cameras
  • Wi-Fi Connected Camera
  • Hidden Security Cameras

We can also install these cameras with additional features. Such as Biometric access controls & magnetic access locks.