Shower Enclosures installation in Dubai with Affordable Price

Wall to Wall Swing Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosures

If you are trying to make your bathroom interior more beautiful, the best way is to get customized shower enclosure. Let it be swing / sliding shower enclosure both will give an amazing look. As comparing with both swing shower enclosure and sliding shower enclosure, both have its own uniqueness.

Swing shower enclosure:

Swing shower enclosures are the most common yet perfect choice for a bathroom. As it is installed with swing door, which can be opened outward and inward it can make very less complications. It also comes with frame and frameless. In framed swing shower enclosure, the profile will hold the glass and with hinges the door being opened and closed. When it comes to frameless swing shower enclosure which can be installed with U Brackets, that also gives another look. It is not easy to choose which is better for your bathroom unless you have clear technical idea about it. We are here to guide you according to your bathroom size, interior and all elements we analyze and give you better and apt option.

As we are customized glass company, we can provide you any type of shower glass enclosure design that you are looking for. All elements need to be done for making a better and classy bathroom. So shower enclosures is the number one category to choose wisely.

Sliding Shower Enclosure

Sliding shower enclosure, as the name suggests which we slide to one side, we all know this will be a unique and extra ordinary style of swing shower enclosure. If you prefer sliding shower enclosure for bathroom it means your bathroom will never look bad in any case. Where your bathroom has. Sliding doesn’t need any large place because if it slides the correct direction, it is the best way.

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