Frosted Sticker: We provide frosting sticker services of multiple options. These are best when you want to your new or even existing clear glass partition. Something more decorative or classic. Frosting Stickers will be the best option to go for. These are cost-friendly and easy maintenance while comparing to planted frostings. And there is no need to change the existing glass partition.

One of the best reason to opt for frosting sticker is that they are temporary and can be changed or replaced at any time. Even if an already frosted glass is present at your office, it can be easily replaced with a new frosting design at a very reasonable pricing. And the thought that frosting stickers make a glass partitions totally opaque is completely wrong. In addition, as frosting sticker doesn’t simply mean taking a huge sticker. And sticking it on glass without any patters. We can incorporate any kind of pattern into frosted sticker and make the workspace look stylish and modern.

We at IST Works LLC deal with multiple choices of frosting stickers varying from simple frosted sticker to highly complicated. Designer frosting such as company logo in miniature patterns and any other customized patterns on clear glass partitions.