Finger Print Door Lock is also known as Biometric Access Control. There were days when this kind of Biometric Access controls was an item of luxury. Therefore installed only in the highly restricted government-based institution. But with the time and modernization of the world, now it’s one of the most affordable access control systems.

Finger Print Looks work on the basic law that each and every person have a unique fingerprint. These fingerprints of the concerned person. Stored within the database of the main server during installation. This database connects the fingerprint of each person to recognize. If they fall into the category of an authorized person. And the access is immediately denied to any unauthorized person.

access door lock

The much more added features to this biometric lock access control system areas are listed below:

  • Attendance Monitoring Software
  • Card Punching Software
  • PIN Code Access System
  • Remote Access Controls
  • Magnetic Access Control
  • Biometric Face Recognition

We at IST, deal from the most general PIN Code Access System to the most advanced Access Controls, such as other Biometric Access Controls. Front glass door installation in Dubai with affordable price and quality services. Call us any time for estimation before the installation at your doorstep.