Glass Doors for Office

full height glass partition in dubai until ceiling

Office interior is very important according to provide the positive atmosphere for everyone. In the Glass partition, there is two options which is low height (below ceiling level) and full height (until ceiling level). We can provide you both options and also glass doors. The main two type of glass doors are swing and sliding. Let’s look deep into the differences of both swing and sliding option for glass doors.

Swing Glass Door:
In office glass partition, the most commonly used type of door is swing glass door. In our work, we only provide best quality accessories for doors and we always make sure the installation of glass partition with doors are perfect. In swing glass door option, we can also provide the door machine as it helps to automatically close. We are giving 1 year warranty for the door floor machine to all our customers as we are focusing their satisfaction. All the glass door accessories we provide is with highest quality. Swing glass door gives easy access and maintenance also very easy.

Sliding Glass Door:

Sliding glass door is also one perfect choice when it comes to office glass door. In this option, the door will be sliding from one way to the other and there will be a track fitting to let the door slide.
One of the most effective benefits of sliding doors is their space saving element. Where hinged doors require space in which to open inward or outward, sliding doors operate sideways. This makes them ideal for use in offices.

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