Frosted Sticker Installation

office glass partition with frosted sticker

If you want to transform your office space from ordinary to amazing, all you need is to have frosted stickers from us. We provide quality frosted sticker installation and also logo designs with customer choice and requirement. The frosted sticker design which is the essential part to change the look of your office area. Here are some good qualities of frosted sticker installation.

Privacy: In office glass partition, the most important matter is privacy and security. As glasses are transparent, it doesn’t give any privacy. Therefore, we have frosted sticker. If the frosted sticker is there, no one can see anything through and still it will not affect the light to pass.

Easy Maintenance: Frosted glass sticker is easy to clean, with regular glass cleaning products. Frosted glass sticker film is long-lasting, withstanding sunlight also.

Uniqueness: Frosted stickers are commonly used as full/strips but it can be done with any design you want. With logo, special design it will give more highlight to your office. Most of the offices are having this frosted sticker and also their company value is getting higher. When your logo is being identified by others, it feels so great.

Economical: Low price is the other benefit when we talk about frosted sticker. It is very economical and worth spending. Even it is in cheaper price; the quality and benefits this frosted sticker provides is extreme.

Beauty: For all the office interiors, people spend a lot of money to get the perfect look. But consider having frosted sticker for your office glass partition, it will give you more beauty and stylish look. Recently, people prefer glass partition with frosted sticker because it is the most economical that makes the entire office space perfect and classy.

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