Balcony Balustrade Glass for Luxury Home

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Balcony Glass Balustrade

Those days of having larger wooden fencing over a balcony with intensely complicated and sophisticatedly carving design are no longer within the trend. The trend that’s taking over this era is Glass Fencing.

When it comes to Balcony Balustrade glass fencing it’s not just about the looks or fanciness, but more than that. Glass fencings are far more durable than glass or metal fencing methods for several reasons which we will explain later in this article.

Glass fencing for balcony & Pools can be mostly categorized into two, such as Framed and Concealed fencing. The preference of installing which option, totally depends on the clients taste. But in terms of quality and durability both options are no less than the other. In addition, On considering a framed option, the glass fencing will be held on using glass brackets or frames which will be holding the glass together with the surface. But for concealed, the glass panels will be inserted into tile grouting or tile spacing to give a seamlessly concealed finishing.balustrade glass

Another advantage of opting to install glass fencing for balconies is because these glass can be of any color. No additional coating or lamination is required to make the glass match the exterior look of you building. Unlike other fencing methods on which an additional layer of color coating is done to match a specific color. The color on these glass are also durable just like its quality as these colors are done during manufacture and not any time after that.

Fencing Glass in Dubai

Glass fencing can be done either with a regular tempered glass. And with laminated glass sheets but are never done with annealed or float glass. In event of installing a glass fencing with toughen or tempered glass. The glass thickness are chosen wisely and are only above 10mm Thickness. Most companies only install glass of thickness larger than 12mm and no lesser. And on the other hand with laminated glass sheets, it consist of glass sheets on both sides. Which are stuck together onto a thin interlayer which can has a sticky property that is capable of holding these panels together.

As said earlier, glass fencing is not just about the looks it gives, but its more than that. Glass Fencings are durable and long lasting than any other kind of fencing system that’s in the market. When it comes to glass fencing they are easy to maintain, do not rot away with time and provide best durability.

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