Double Glazing: glass is usually preferred for external glass works such as patio doors installation, balcony doors installation, windows to name a few. A double glazed glass A.K.A sandwich panel consists of two glass panels with a spacer in the middle. This spacer consists of a special chemical component to avoid any mist or fogginess occurring between the panels due to climatic changes. The two glass panels can be of same-colored glass such as clear or can be of different colors such as tinted on the outside and clear panel inside.

Double Glazed Glass

double glazed glassThere are multiple reasons why it’s better to opt for double glazed glass for your home. The advantages of double glazed glass are as follows:

  • Noise Reduction & Added security:

You may have noticed that when you are on your balcony, the busy city noise is all that you can hear. But when the balcony door is closed you will barely hear any noise. This is because the double glazed glass door or window acts as a barrier and prevents. The outdoor noise from penetrating into your home and making it a much more peaceful environment. On the other double glazed glass can protect your home from any intruders by making it far difficult to break it while comparing to a single glazed glass.

  • Day time Privacy:

These sandwich panels do a great job when it comes to daytime privacy. When the brightness within is lower than the brightness from outside, the view from outside is blocked. And it works vise-versa at night.

  • Heat Insulation:

The main reason why the outside burning weather almost has no effect within the house is that the double glazed glass windows and doors act as a perfect barrier from letting in the heatwave, thus making your house and much more comfortable living space.

We at IST Works, provide multiple services when it comes to sandwich panels at reasonable pricing. Services are listed below

  • Replacement of Broken Double Glazed Panel
  • Installation of New Double Glazed Glass Units
  • Replacement of Single Broken Glass Panel