Sliding Shower Enclosure in Townhouse Dubai

double sliding shower enclosure in dubai

Sliding Shower Enclosures are simple, easy to use and elegant. In this type of shower enclosure, there is a lot of benefits. While hinge or pivot doors require a larger space in front of the shower to open up into, sliding doors do not need and this benefit making them an ideal choice if you have a slightly smaller bathroom. They are also easy to maintain, and can make getting in and out of the shower a smoother process. The double door style is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, offering plenty of space to access the shower. They are ideal in a contemporary bathrooms, adding to a luxurious and clean feeling.

Easy Cleaning: The trouble with shower curtains is exacerbated with just how difficult they can be to clean, and hinged shower doors can also be difficult to keep sparkling fresh as well, with people required to frequently step in and out of the shower enclosure. Sliding shower enclosure is easy to maintain.

Frameless Sliding Shower

Area Saving: Sliding Shower Enclosure is ideal for smaller bathrooms. If space is not a luxury, this is an efficient space-saving solution since they don’t open out. While swing shower enclosure needs space to open in and out, in sliding shower enclosure it doesn’t require large space. It can be opened with the space like from one side to the other side.

Beauty: Apart from the functions and advantages, sliding shower enclosures are the best by its look. The look of the bathroom is a big deciding factor for people when they house hunt, so it is vital that it be modern and functional. This style of door works well in any décor style and fits comfortably in any size washroom. Sliding shower enclosure itself has many types. According to your bathroom and shower area it can be installed accordingly.

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