Clear glass panels & frosted sticker panels- which option is good?

frosted sticker on glass door

In an office, the privacy is an important thing to get noticed. If the office is full visible, which means the whole office and the glass partition is having clear glass partition. The privacy will be also less. As the clear glass cannot cover the view, you can install frosted sticker which doesn’t affect the beauty of the interior also.

It is okay to not to install frosted sticker if you don’t want privacy. But other than privacy this frosted stickers can increase the beauty of the glass partition and office interior. We are providing any type of frosted sticker which includes some such as middle frosted, stripes, full frosting, and any model which the customer requires.

Including logo the frosted sticker can highlight your office’s beauty. When a customer/ client or anyone enters in your office, if your logo is installed there in your glass partition or glass door it will be stuck in their mind. Through putting the logo of your company, it is being popular and eminent.

Office glass partition, with or without frosted stickers- it depends on your requirement. You can choose either install the sticker or no. We suggest to install because it adds more dignity for your office. Also you don’t have to worry that by installing frosted sticker, the space will look gloomy and darker. Frosted sticker enables to pass light in and out without any barrier. For a meeting and discussion session, some privacy is necessary. So with frosted sticker you can have some benefits.

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